The Future with Wakimbizi


Raising voices for refugees in East Africa

The Future with Wakimbizi is a collaborative data-driven project that aims to amplify the voices of urban refugees in Kenya and Uganda. It is spearheaded by two refugee-led organizations; Young African Refugees for Integral Development (YARID) and Youth Voices Community (YVC) based in Uganda and Kenya respectively, and supported by the international nonprofit Data4Change (D4C) and South Sudan-based nonprofit #DefyHateNow (DHN).

My Role

My role was creative direction, visual design lead, identity branding and illustration. I worked alongside a project manager, a researcher, data journalist and a developer.




October to December 2021



Phase 1 – Discovery & User Research

In total 512 urban refugees took part in the survey, in addition we conducted further focus groups and interviews with urban refugees who took part in the survey in order to gather qualitative data and testimonials. The insights of all this data is presented to you in The Future With Wakimbizi campaign.

Phase 2 – Visual Design

Phase 3 – Sketching, Prototype & Wireframes

Phase 4 – Design & Development

Phase 5 – Infographics & Data Viz

Phase 6 – Social media designs + Ads